BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore Releases Interactive eBook for the Award-winning Children Story “The Pig’s Day” from RASS Language

Hong Kong, Sept 19, 2012 — Beluga Limited announced today it has released the interactive eBook “The Pig’s Day” into the BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore at a limited-time introductory price of $0.99 from RASS Language.  The universal app is available for both iOS and Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

“The Pig’s Day” is written by Carolina D’Angelo and illustrated by Francesca Assirelli. The book won FIRST PRIZE at the 2007 International Children’s Book Contest in Austria. From the judging panel, “The adorable illustrations and humorous plot bring smiles and laughter to children and adults alike!”

The story tells about a tradition in a little village east of Rome, Italy, passed down for generations continues to be celebrated. One day Sante goes to visit his relatives to take part in the traditional winter feast on their farm. Yet after learning more about the ritual and hearing from his animal friends that Pig will become the main course. Sante wants to make some changes. What changes occur with the old tradition? Would you help Sante save the Pig, even if it meant breaking tradition? This interactive eBook is now available in the BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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About Beluga Limited

Beluga Limited is the e-publishing division of Hung Hing Printing Group Limited. The company operates a virtual store “BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore” for iOS and Android-powered smartphones and tablets. Beluga Limited focuses on working with children’s books publishers and content owners from around the world to make available to parents and children a rich selection of quality interactive digital books, education games and applications. To learn more about BelugaBloo, please visit


About RASS Language

East & West Book Co Ltd, known as RASS Language was founded in Taiwan in 1998 to import and distribute kids’ books from the US, Europe and Japan. Since 2002, RASS shifted to publishing EFL (Learning English as Foreign Language) materials for kids coupled with audio CD and animated DVD to create interest and fun. RASS is now a leader in this category with a market share of 30% in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China.  To learn more about RASS Language, please visit

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