BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore Releases the First Color-themed Interactive eBook “The Story of Drip Drops” from TCKL Inc.

Hong Kong, Nov 30, 2012 — Beluga Limited announced today it has released the first of a set of four color-themed interactive children eBook “The Story of Drip Drops” from TCKL, Inc. into the BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore. The app is FREE and available for download from Apple iTunes and Google Play.

This beautifully created and colorful interactive eBook puts a new twist into a standard interactive eBook with coloring games and activities for additional fun. The Drip Drops are delightful little characters living in Tint Town, a very special place where the first rainbow appeared. Being composed of the hues from the primary, secondary and tertiary groups of colors, their mission is to color the world and to help kids explore and learn about the amazing world of colors. Apart from being a learning tool, the Drip Drops eBook also promote good values, stressing on the importance of friendship, caring and being responsible for one another during interactive activities in the book. Why is the sky colored blue and why the grass green? What turns flamingo’s feather pink? Answers are all found in the Drip Drops, a magnificent preschool eBook that combines great content and remarkable illustrations. This app is fun, educational and builds creativity and imagination, and boost self-confidence in children.

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About Beluga Limited
Beluga Limited, a division of Hung Hing Printing Group Limited, operates a virtual store “BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore” for smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. The Store features beautifully-created interactive children’s e-books, apps and games that provide an instructive and engaging tool for parents to educate their children through the means of creative technology. To learn more about BelugaBloo, please visit

About Drip Drop Series
The Drip Drops are lovable drops of color who know everything there is to know about color. They come to the rescue when there is “color trouble” explaining why certain colors appear in the nature. They are always eager to help a friend understand how our vivid and vibrant world works. The objectives of “The Drip Drops” can be divided into categories such as physical development, expressive-psychological development, technical development and artist skill development. To learn more about Drip Drops, please visit

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