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Dear BelugaBloo friends,

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that 2012 is coming to a close. It has been a good year for us. We are excited to ring in the New Year this week! We have great plans for the year 2013. Thanks so much for all your support and we cannot wait to share our amazing children’s apps with you for the upcoming year! Stay tuned!

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions give a perfect opportunity for you and your child to discuss areas in which there’s room for improvement — so don’t miss out! Here are some ideas on how to take advantage of those January 1st declarations.

Get your kids to share some of their highlights of the year
Highlights from 2012
  • Greatest lesson learned:
  • Hardest thing of the year:
  • What I loved most about 2012:
Looking forward to 2013
  • Want to learn:
  • Want to get better at:
  • Biggest goal:
Here are some suggestions from us
  • I will read a storybook before I go to bed.
  • I will eat healthier food
  • I will clean up my toys
  • I will be nice to my friends and family.


BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore



A is for Apple

“Take a Peek! Slide and Seek!” Children will love to learn with this brightly-illustrated alphabetical shiny slider book. A is for Apple will teach children to recognize their ABC’s with bright pictures, fun shiny sliders and the anticipation of what is hiding behind the panels. While providing hours of fun this interactive book teaches children letters, words, and picture recognition.

The Drip Drops Coloring Party

It’s time to celebrate the Drip Drop Coloring Party with the lovable Drip Drops!
Children can help their favorite colorful friends prepare for the Tint Town celebration by creating a colorful banner, decorating a batch of cupcakes, picking ripe vegetables from the garden, drawing a bouquet of flowers and participating in many other entertaining and educational activities in this amusing interactive storybook!


Christmas iPad Mini Giveaway – 1 More Day to Catch!

Only 1 day left for the BelugaBloo iPad Mini giveaway with The iMums! Come join us for the minimadness!
BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore Featured in Smartappsforkids

We are thrilled to have our app featured in Smartappsforkids. This is one of the best sights for parents and educators to find out the perfect apps for kids.“Belugabloo is the best place to find lots of beautifully created interactive children’s storybooks, educational games and apps tailored to children…”


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