HHFR / Book Selling / China Exhibitions

Virtually everyone who has successfully broken into the Chinese market notes the importance of using an intermediary service provider to guide them through the local customs, make introductions and foster relationship building.

With intellectual property being a key concern for foreign publishers, as the impartial bridge, HHFR safeguards their intellectual property by printing inhouse while minimizing the operational needs of Chinese publishers, creating a streamlined, safe and fair environment for all parties.

From pairing and connecting the best local Chinese publishers, contract negotiations to the final printing of the translated product, HHFR simplifies the process of expanding successfully in China.

Additionally, during the yearly book fair in Beijing and Shanghai, Hung Hing widely popular booth serves as a promotional jumpstart for global publishers seeking to connect their English-Language book business with Chinese importers and retailers.

Visit us at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week at Hall 4.0 Booth A24 to find out more about HHFR comprehensive range of services!

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