Hung Hing conserves the environment by investing in renewable energy

June 5 is World Environment Day.  It is a day to remind everyone of us to conserve our environment. At Hung Hing Printing Group, one of the actions that we have taken is to invest in and use clean energy.  We have just finished our second phase of installation of a total of 1,484 solar panels on our rooftop.


Installation of the first phase of solar panels was completed in 2019.  During that year, 172,000 kWh of clean electricity was generated.  In 2020, the second phase of our solar power system was completed.  An additional 327 kWp of solar panels were installed.  The system has been connected to CLP’s power grid earlier this year and the total generating capacity is 527 kWp, and it can produce 562,000 kWh of solar power per year.  The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions1 is equivalent to 48,600 trees planted2.


With this measure, we can generate electricity that is about one-third of the electricity consumption of our Hong Kong headquarters in 2020.  Implementation of the solar power system can serve multiple purposes, which not only fulfills Hung Hing’s commitment to sustainable development, but also makes good use of solar power and save energy costs, leading to a drop in indoor temperature in our factory and office as well as electricity consumption of air-conditioners.  As a result, full utilization of our idle assets can truly be achieved.


  1. According to CLP bill – Average CO2 emission per unit of electricity billed in 2019 is 0.51kg.
  2. @5.89 kg per tree –

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