Hung Hing’s Chief Information Officer Awarded Hong Kong CIO of the Year

Hung Hing is proud to announce that Yee Yu, Chief Information Officer of Hung Hing Printing Group & General Manager of Beluga Limited, has won the CIO of the Year in the Medium Enterprise Category at the Hong Kong CIO Awards, co-organized by Computerworld Hong Kong and CIO Connect.

Started in 2011 and in its sixth year, the Hong Kong CIO Awards program seeks to recognize top-performing Chief Information Officer who have demonstrated unparalleled leadership in driving innovation and transformation in IT leadership practice in Hong Kong. The Awards also aim to promote of the significance and the changing nature of the CIO role in the sustained development of organizations.  Leading IT executives are expected to lead with courage, build trusting relationships with stakeholders, and drive innovation and transformational change while delivering value to the enterprise.

Each year, one winner is selected from the large and medium enterprise categories respectively through a stringent judging process by a judging panel from HK and UK.  Recipients of this prestigious award have also shared insights of what makes a successful CIO during the panel discussion with audiences at the Hong Kong CIO Leadership Forum.  Yee is the first CIO from outside of the pillar industries to have received this honor since the Award’s inauguration in 2011.  He now joins an elite group of IT thought-leaders in Hong Kong who have received this award.

Yee’s submission evidences a well-balanced leader who understands the value IT can provide to improving business outcomes. Yee has accomplished a lot in the last 6 years. He has led a number of significant innovation and business projects in an industry that is undergoing significant disruption. His submission includes strong positive feedback from his Executive Chairman on close, active involvement in business initiatives e.g. establishment of a new subsidiary. He clearly focused in a balanced manner including customers and business. A well-deserved winner who demonstrates how a CIO can enable a traditional business to embrace new technologies and adapt across manufacturing, customer products, shared services with a keen eye on business value and return on investment. Well done!”, said the panel judges.

The Hong Kong CIO of the Year Award is a recognition of Hung Hing’s vision and commitment in using IT to push forward the Group’s overall business goals and objectives.  By instilling and fostering a digital culture in the organization, the Group has successfully transformed the way it runs its business to deliver competitive advantages and taking advantage of the digital opportunities created by the increasingly connected digital world.  Doing all that while at the same time remaining true to its core values that define Hung Hing in the first place.

This accolade adds to Yee’s long track record of excellence and recognitions. He was previously named the CIO of the Month, and led the Beluga team in winning the Hong Kong ICT Award and PCM eKids Distinguish Award.

2 thoughts on “Hung Hing’s Chief Information Officer Awarded Hong Kong CIO of the Year”

  1. I think this Award for Yee is a true and more then earned recognition for the skills and future focused leadership of Yee.

    I wish to thank you Yee, for your patience over the past years with us! Everytime we loose track in this digital Revolution you put us back on the road with a smile and understanding.

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