Interview with Metro Broadcast: How does Hung Hing diversify its businesses

Christopher Yum, Commercial Director of Hung Hing Printing Group, and Nicholas Yum, Director of Beluga Limited, the creative and innovation hub of Hung Hing, were interviewed by Metro Broadcast Hong Kong in the evening of 12 May 2021.  The interview was centered on how Hung Hing had carried out diversified and innovative businesses.  Products and services from Yum Me Play, Yum Me Print, STEM PLUS as well as Papery, a brand under Beluga, were featured in the programme, with a view to allowing audience to know that in addition to having 70 years of printing and packaging experience, and being one of the world’s largest children’s book printer, Hung Hing is also committed to developing creative products and solutions, and to inspiring the community, especially children, a love for reading, learning, and skill development.

When audience on Facebook Live asked about the impact of the popularity of digitalization and internet on Hung Hing, Christopher replied, “There are many things that still cannot be replaced by digitalization, such as children’s books and packaging in our core businesses.  As long as we continue to innovate and invest to diversify our business, we can create added value for customers, enabling Hung Hing to run faster and further in the market.”

Nicholas has a keen interest in design, who brings new ideas and team culture to the Group.  “We want to change people’s view on paper.  Through innovative concepts, we use paper to produce our own-branded durable and environmental-friendly products, and even furniture, table football game and other products that are beyond people’s imagination, thus opening up more possibilities for printing and packaging”, said Nicholas.

The programme was broadcasted on Facebook Live simultaneously in Cantonese.  Please click the link below to watch the program:


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