PAPERY’s TabletClutch keeps germs away from tech gadgets

Where style meets functionality, PAPERY’s TabletClutch helps keep gems away from your tech gadgets. Its leather-like shell is made of washable kraft paper while the inner lining is made with PAPERY’s proprietary ionTEX technology – an innovative RPET fabric infused with anti-microbial SILVADUR™ 930 FLEX silver ion. By incorporating silver ions (Ag+) and an innovative release mechanism into the fabric, the inorganic natural material can become bacteria fighters. They work by punching holes in bacteria membranes to destroy their DNA and protein structures. Once bacteria are in contact with Ag+ ions, they have no chance of survival.  This anti-bacterial technology helps to eliminate odour-causing bacteria on items put into it.

Apart from this excellent anti-bacterial functionality, you can even make a fashion statement or project a professional image through unique and customisable shell designs.

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