“The Story of the Drip Drops” Surpasses 10,000 Downloads in First Month After Release

Hong Kong Jan 10th, 2013 — Beluga Limited announced today that its first interactive color-themed storybook app, TCKL’s The Story of Drip Drops, has achieved 10,000 downloads within one month after its release. This is the first of 4 apps the company has developed for TCKL. The other 3 apps – Let’s Color the World!, Let’s Go to the Zoo! and The Drip Drops Coloring Party! – have also been released to Apple iTunes, Google Play, and preloaded in BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore.

The Drop Drops series is the ultimate and must-have coloring and activity apps for parents looking for fun and entertaining ways to teach children about colors and unlock their inner creativity. The story began at a time when the world was colorless. Until one day, the Drip Drops slid down a rainbow and set out to bring color to the world. The four beautifully created apps take children through their stories in a magical place called Tint Town and children will learn about colors through 15+ mini-games covering creative activities, problem solving and music, such as maze, puzzle, matching, tracing, drawing, coloring and many more. With so much to offer from these apps, it can provide hours of educational entertainment while feeding children’s artistic needs.

Reviews from bloggers

December 13 2012, Kid Tech – “The Story of Drip Drops is a fun and interactive way to teach your children about colors. But there’s so much more to this app. With the combination of audio, visual, and hands-on interaction (e.g. coloring in the pictures with a finger), this app serves as a multifaceted educational tool for the cognitive development of young toddlers. The color scheme is pleasant and vibrant, the Drip Drop characters are friendly and cool, and the music is fun and engaging. I especially like the “Read to me” option, which promotes familiarization with pronunciation of the words appearing on the screen. I guess the only downside is that there aren’t an infinite number of pages to the story! But, hey, it’s FREE! Can’t go wrong with this app”.

December 19, 2012, an iTunes User – “My kids love it! My 4-year-old son must have spent 40 minutes straight enjoying this app, coloring the pages and following the story. He loves the Drip Drops theme song and keeps singing it. Very cool, especially since it is free and doesn’t try to charge for new features throughout the app. Looking forward to more from The Drip Drops”.


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