Valentine’s Day Gift: The Heart Project Hand Sanitizer Pouch

Valentine’s Day is approaching, what is better than a special DIY gift that is practical and can always be around with your loved one? The Heart Project Hand Sanitizer Pouch is a new design from our innovation design hub BELUGA.

The design and the concept:

–     Hand sanitizer is a quick and easy way to clean our hands, but keeping track of the small bottle, particularly when you are on the go, is not easy. The Heart Project is the perfect gift to keep you and your loved one safe and protected.

–     The heart-shaped pouch is a sustainable product as it is made from 100% recycled washable kraft paper and can be used for a long time.

–     Each set includes two hand sanitizer pouches with different colors. With the hang tag and metal button, the pouch can be easily attached to handbags and backpacks, keeping the sanitizer handy and nearby.